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New York Peace Film Festival, NY, USA

12th & 13th March 2011
BTB screening: @ 1PM
on 13th March 2011

SEE Festival, Brighton, UK

24th Feb.2011 - 27th Feb. 2011
BTB screening: 6.00PM
on 26th Feb. 2011

7 Islands International Film Festival, Mumbai, India
(@Bhavan’s Cultural Centre in Andheri)

26th Jan.2011 - 30th Jan 2011, BTB screening: 6.30pm on 26th Jan. 2011

Artivist film festival USA.

Date :
Nov 30th - Dec 4th, 2010
BTB screening:
Hollywood, USA :
Friday, 3rd Dec 2010 @ 4.30pm
The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028


Date :
Nov 12th - 14th 2010;
Friday, 12th Nov 2010
@ 10.00pm

Red Rock Film Festival, Southern Utah, USA.

Date :
Nov 11th-14, 2010;
Friday, 12th Nov 2010
@ 12.25pm

24th Leeds International Film Festival, UK.

Date :
Nov 4th - 21st 2010;
BTB screening :
Friday, 12th Nov 2010 @ 6.30pm

13th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival,
Istanbul, Turkey.

Date :
Oct 29th - Nov 4th 2010;
BTB screening :
Friday, 30th Oct 2010 @ 3.00pm.

CULTURE&CULTURES Intercultural International Film Festival, France.

Date :
Oct 1st-10th 2010;
BTB screening :
Monday, 2nd Oct 2010

Strasbourg Film Festival,
France & USA.

Date :
Aug 20th - Sept 12th 2010

Festival of Nations (38th),
Ebensee, Austria.

Date :
June 13th-19th 2010;
BTB screening :
Monday, 13th June 2010

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